I have knowed it for a long time but I had some issue with specific apps so i couldn't use it

Yeah if you are looing for an greener alternative ecosia is a good choice they say they are privacy friendly so take that for what it's worth.

I ment "at" didn't notice it. Hate typing on mobile screens. 😂😂😂

Got 64 games. Pretty sure I have only played 10 of them for lomger then 3 hours. Now a days i only play cities skyline and hearts of iron from steam. And maybe 1 game of civ a year. I pick up AAA games dirty cheap and then forget about them 😂

I feel the same way when people say they suck in history even though for me history comes natural.

Yeah right before Christmas. Went to Gøteborg to but tons of candy and soda 😂😂

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Why does brexit get shoehorned in to every thing that dosn't go right for briten?

Norway have been cruelly robbed so far. Best song by a mile #eurovision

Got to keep us down or we might become an empire again 😂😂😢

I hope this is a joke song. We cant have been tricket, we are smarter then this.

@polychrome I hope its all worth it inn the end. becuase Nettas song isnt my tasty tbh.

@Curiousiguana@mastodon.org.ukBinching Eurovison for 8 hours sounds like a challenge. 🤔

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