So i decided to try having my vpn run for the whole day to see how it effected the battery performance and even with the vpn running I manage a whole day starting from 07:30 to 22:00 without charging the phone with 15% left? Which is good. With mt vpn taking 33% to 44% not sure why it messured differently and I also don't get how briar have 15% usages when I only loged in to it has I don't have any contacts yet on briar weird. But quite happy with the results - 1/2

Soon halfway to replacing my google play apps with f-droid apps. (Mtg familiar is on f-droid but it still got a problem with fetching prices from tcgplayer)

For you guys looking for an app to use Reddit on F-droid, Slide is really good. Been using it for the past month and really happy with it.

Why google? Why do you need so many?
This is why we cant have nice things in this world.

Gonna be testing Raven Reader. an open source RSS reader made with electron and made as an appimage.(for some reason Reaven reader works) I'll be testing it out for the next coming days.

For som weird reason, the F-droid version of mtg familiar don't work and it's an irritating thing.

I love RSS feed on my Android ♥
(I am using Handy News Reader. You can find it on F-droid)

Update on the openbook thingy. Like the design looking forward to see how it develops.

This is annoying.
Also god dam winds podcast and RSS feed don't work becuase for some werid reason snaps and appimages don't work for me even though i have installed all the stuff i need

So mastalab just update and change it's name to fedilab. I like it. I also like the way it handels notifications. Pretty neat and tied.

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