So i don't have kids but i do have brothers and i would say my parenting abilities and style is in my mind fairly like my fathers. Though I think I am more strict then my father every now amd then. As both my brothers have experienced I hardly make empty threats. I told my youngest brother if he didn't clean his toys off the floor I would throw the toys that where on the floor and I did and my brother never got angry and never made that mistake again.

Not really becuase a few days later both me and my brother went thought his toys to find stuff he didnt need. This time he was a part of the prosess also the toys didnt leave the house for at least 2 weeks and knowing my brother he would just take the stuff he wanted altso i know which toys he really cared for do i would make sure those didnt get the bin. I an.not 100% dusj either but it's just so much that i can fit om to 500 letters.

Do you think mastodon should increas it's limit of 500 lettere,numbers etc to something higher or at least allow the instances to choose the amount?

@jarlavgrenland Instances are allowed to increase it or decrease it, but it isn't a part of the admin UI. You can probably get it changed with mastohost or if you hosted it yourself.

I like 500 characters. The point of a microblog is a shortformat that its somewhat short.

I think this should be in the admin ui. Tbh though it's far easier to write in mastodon then a short answet in an Norwegian Heldags test

@jarlavgrenland Yeah. I mean, it's set up for people to self host with the common code, and if they want to change anything they usually have experience with it anyway.

And MastoHost probably covers it.

So I don't think it is needed in the admin UI.

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