So, using Fedora 30 now got some problems with icons not showing. disappearing every now and then. also seems that my rule set for uMatrix got wiped, GREAT! Other then that. It's pretty good.

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@jarlavgrenland: Update, might reinstall Fedora, i guess something cucked with it. roobting didn't fix it and somthings wrong with gnome software. i am also constantly short of storage. so i might need to repartiton the SSD to see if i can take away some more GB from Windows.

@ChrisTalleras: Can't. i don't know if you are aware but i need windows for school.

@jarlavgrenland Fuck school. You should demonstrate for digital neutrality. It's like if the school forced you to eat meat to participate in school if you are a vegetarian or vegan!

@jarlavgrenland @ChrisTalleras Sorry to intrude; but just curious about why you *need* Windows for school?

Can't do becuaee of lock down beowser something that is to prevent you from cheating. By switching tabs etc. Also some exam program requires it.

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