Okay, time to try out #Midori browser. #GTK #Vala #fun

I like Falkon, but if I am sticking with a GTK based DE, then I want a GTK based browser that is fast and simple.

@jarlavgrenland I was looking at that one. I like it too... but I want to try a FOSS browser before I go with something closed up.

@poetgrant Yeah i can see that. i do recall parts of vivaldi being open-source, but not all of it.

@jarlavgrenland if they open sourced the whole thing I would be all on board without reservation! :D

@poetgrant Hahaha. i think a lot of people would share the same tought as you.

@jarlavgrenland they are based in Oslo, and in my experience anything that comes out of Scandinavia is usually awesome... damn... I might start running proprietary software... grrr... I visit Finland and Sweden ONE time and I have become obsessed. I'm not sure my love of the Northern Lands is healthy.

@poetgrant Hahaha. I am Norwegian. so i always support Norwegain software. i am sick and tired of software getting outsourced to asia or other parts of the world

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