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Norway have been cruelly robbed so far. Best song by a mile #eurovision

People have asked us in the past: why can I trust ProtonVPN? This is a significant question as trust is the most important factor for picking a #VPN service. Here’s why we think ProtonVPN is worthy of your trust:

So i don't have kids but i do have brothers and i would say my parenting abilities and style is in my mind fairly like my fathers. Though I think I am more strict then my father every now amd then. As both my brothers have experienced I hardly make empty threats. I told my youngest brother if he didn't clean his toys off the floor I would throw the toys that where on the floor and I did and my brother never got angry and never made that mistake again.

So i decided to try having my vpn run for the whole day to see how it effected the battery performance and even with the vpn running I manage a whole day starting from 07:30 to 22:00 without charging the phone with 15% left? Which is good. With mt vpn taking 33% to 44% not sure why it messured differently and I also don't get how briar have 15% usages when I only loged in to it has I don't have any contacts yet on briar weird. But quite happy with the results - 1/2

So it seems like after a while of using Fedora 30 with a couple of reboots and a few new updates fixed the bug i had with Gnome shell and Dash to Dock and Dash to Panel not working correctly.

En idé for brukere på er å lage en introuksjons toot! (hvis du har lyst)

Skriv litt om deg selv og hva du gjør og putt på taggen #introduksjon og #introductions , #introduction

Kan både være på norsk eller engelsk, så booster jeg det på!

Jeg vill gjøre det samme for andre norske på fediverset!

#norge #norway


🎺 Episode 5 of Fall of Civilizations is now live! 🎺

With Cambodian epics, carvings, & folklore, we look at what happened to the Khmer Empire, and the collapse of the mega-city of Angkor.


🐦🔗: har nådd 14 medlemmer! Norge vokser på mastodon og fediverset! #norge #norway

@jarlavgrenland: Update, might reinstall Fedora, i guess something cucked with it. roobting didn't fix it and somthings wrong with gnome software. i am also constantly short of storage. so i might need to repartiton the SSD to see if i can take away some more GB from Windows.

So, using Fedora 30 now got some problems with icons not showing. disappearing every now and then. also seems that my rule set for uMatrix got wiped, GREAT! Other then that. It's pretty good.

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